Be-Aware of Supplements
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Be-Aware of Supplements

Vitamin supplements abound in the market. There are about 5,000 plus or more choices from the last count. Taking them ensures a person some shield against cancer, increased immunity, lower blood pressure, increased energy, sharper memory, reversed arthritis, stronger bones, better eyesight and many other health benefits.


Vitamin supplements abound in the market. There are about 5,000 plus or more choices from the last count. Taking them ensures a person some shield against cancer, increased immunity, lower blood pressure, increased energy, sharper memory, reversed arthritis, stronger bones, better eyesight and many other health benefits.

But here is a latest news update about supplements:

Taipei (The China Post/ANN) - After a patient's kidneys were severely damaged from taking chlorella tablets manufactured by an unknown overseas company, doctors reminded the public that maintaining a balanced diet everyday is more beneficial than relying on health supplements, especially those of dubious origin.

Source: By News Desk in Taipei/The China Post | ANN – Wed, Nov 16, 2011

One naturally wants to have a strong body huge numbers of choices, so you are tempted to pick from choices. If you have the means to buy them all, it would bore a large hole in your pocket. And even if you could, you don’t really need them all. Taking too many may even hurt you.

How would you know what your body needs? It all depends on many factors like your health, your risk for getting cancer, heart or other diseases, your stress levels, activity levels and your diet.

In the first place, if you’ve got a good diet, you don’t even need supplements. Even the best multivitamin supplement would not necessary provide you with all the nutrients you need. Supplements are generally taken to augment one’s less-than-perfect eating habits. They are your nutritional insurance against deficiencies.

Dr. David Benton, a psychology professor at the University of Wales, Swansea, advices that the first signs of nutritional deficiencies show up not as physical signs but as declining mental performance.

Benton made a study on a group of healthy college students to prove his hypothesis. He had them take daily a high potency multivitamin supplement three times the daily allowance of most vitamins after a year, the students’ thinking processes were measurably sharper and their modes better than a comparable group of students given a placebo.

What about vitamin E? Does a person really need it/ if you’ve got a family history of heart disease and a weakness for fatty foods, then 400 IU of vitamin E would make a great difference on your health status. Eat-soluble vitamin E dissolves existing cholesterol deposits on the arteries.

The journal Lancet published an impressive study about Vitamin E. it showed how daily doses of the vitamin decreased the incident of heart attack by 77% in a group of 2,000 people. The American Heart Association confirmed that Vitamin E is one of the top 10 developments related to the health of the heart.

Supplement Tips

Here are 10 tips on what supplements to take as provided by the Medline database on its web page.

1. You can take every supplement – you should even try. It’s not necessary; it’s not sensible and not safe.

2. Remember, supplements are just that – supplements, not replacements for a healthy diet. No pill can provide all the nutrients found in whole, natural foods.

3. Supplement systematically. Establish your objectives before taking anything.

4. Know what to expect. Vitamins and other micro-nutrients support normal biological processes and reduce the normal wear and tear that comes with aging – they result in immediate or drastic changes in your physiology.

5. If you take supplements to reduce your long-term risk of the certain diseases, look for signs that they’re helping. For example, if you’re supplementing for cardiovascular benefits, monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol regularly.

6. If you take supplement to treat a specific condition, follow the “one-month-rule.” After 30 days, ask yourself whether they’ve made a difference in your health. If you’re not sure, stop taking them.

7. If you’re taking a variety of supplements, add up the amount of individual vitamins you’re ingesting everyday, from diet, multis and individual micro-nutrient supplement to be sure you’re not overdoing it. A little here and there might add up to more than you want or need.

8. Be skeptical of the latest fad and claims of complete cures. Remember that these are nutrients, not drugs.

9. If you’re seriously ill or suffering from a chronic disease, seek out a nutritionally oriented physician.

10. Do your homework. Your health food store has a lot of materials you can go through. Don’t forget to read the labels.

Let’s be more sensible consumers who know what they are doing instead of just being led by health fads and being at the mercy of advertisers.

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Comments (15)

Thank you for your wisdom in alerting people of the dangers with supplements. Well done composition.

yes we must be cautious when taking supplements, some do interfere with medication and so on

Good point, there is nothing as good for you as a good diet.

Carol and Brenda said it all for me.

Very good reminder.

Nicely written.thanks Sir

very good peace of information

Excellent points Ron. The trouble is maintaining a healthy enough diet -- but we can certainly try.

Ranked #3 in Supplements

Thanks everyone.

great post..i might be needing some supplements soon but for now i'll stick with the natural

Ranked #3 in Supplements

Thanks Sir Nobert.

Very informative. HAPPY NEW YEAR sir! Sending you this greetings to bring you hope and cheers...

Ranked #3 in Supplements

Thanks Jessie.

review centers

Thanks for this reminder. Very informative.

This is excellent information because people tend to use supplements without knowing that some might interfere with others. Thank you my dear friend.