Fish Oil with Omega-3 Health Benefits
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Fish Oil with Omega-3 Health Benefits

improving one\'s general well being becomes easier with fish oil with Omega-3 supplements.

Fish oil with Omega-3 health benefits are abundant the reason why the popularity of fish oil supplements has skyrocketed over the years. It is actually the Omega-3 that gives fish oil its health benefits so you have to be wary because apparently not all fish oil supplements contain Omega-3. Omega 3 are the good fats, the fats that the body needs to maintain many of its functions.

The benefits of fish oil with Omega-3 may be classified into:

• Heart health. Fish oil is heart-friendly. It helps to lower bad cholesterol while increasing the good cholesterol at the same time. Most cholesterol drugs you can find on the market today either lower the bad cholesterol or increase the good cholesterol, but seldom can you find drugs that actually do both. Well fish oil with Omega-3 does that, and that gives you double protection from clogs, cardiovascular diseases, arrhythmias, and other heart diseases that can be fatal if not managed properly.

• Brain health. Omega-3 fatty acids are foods for the brain. Fats compose a great part of the brain if you must know, so taking sufficient amounts of these essential fatty acids can improve your cognition and prevent memory loss. It’s been said too, that Omega-3 fatty acids when taken during pregnancy help greatly in the baby’s brain development. Insufficient Omega-3 fatty acids has been linked to depression, mood swings, Alzheimer’s disease, and childhood disorders such as ADHD and ADD, thus taking Omega-3 may just alleviate or reduce some of the presenting signs and symptoms.

• Inflammatory effects. Omega-3 fatty acids have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, thus taking them as recommended by your doctor, may help you deal with joint pains, arthritis, reducing your dependence on anti-inflammatory drugs that may contain harmful chemicals. They also help prevent cancer, acne and some other chronic disorders that result from inflammation.

• Immunity. Omega-3 fatty acids improves your body’s immunity thereby enabling you to fight off viruses and bacteria that you come in contact with every day.

• Eye Health. Omega-3 fatty acids also improves vision

• Skin care. Regular consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids can make your skin glow with health.

It’s rather unfortunate and ironic that the body cannot produce these essential fatty acids. The body needs to outsource these fatty acids from whole foods such as oily fish. The problem is, consuming fish everyday is not a good idea since most of the fish today are contaminated with toxins and harmful chemicals. This is what makes it more sensible to take fish oil supplements with Omega-3 but then again you have to be sure that the supplements have as their fish source, oily fish from the unchartered waters of New Zealand and Australia, and that they are pharmaceutically-grade and molecularly distilled so you’ll b able to experience as many fish oil with Omega 3 health benefits as possible.


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