Going by Nature's Way
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Going by Nature's Way

More and more people, though, becoming aware of their options and going for the natural way to health. Going natural and being healthy has also taken a different view. Fat is considered a bad word and fatteners should be kept out of the sight.


The drug industry takes quite a lion’s share of people’s yearly servings. In the US alone, people spend about more than 88 billion dollars a year in prescription and over-the-counter medicines – an amount most likely feed about more than 20 million Americans.

It is no wonder that in many cases, multinational drug companies were financially stronger than many governments. Figures today would be definitely bigger, just a decade ago, the liquid assets of these drug companies were estimated at 258 billion by the US Tariff Commission (in late 90s estimation) and 138 billion by the First National city Bank of New York – sums greater than the financial reserves of many countries. An extremely profitable business indeed!

The picture seems bright and glossy for these drug companies, but not so for the untold numbers of people who have suffered dearly for the ineffectual drugs they manufacture. It is common knowledge that many drugs don’t cure illness, but exposes one to a string of side-effects more serious than the condition one is being treated for.

Pain and discomfort is just a pill away, as conventional drugs give instant relief. However, the other side of the picture is that these medications don’t promise health. Symptoms are treated but not the disease. Unlike natural substances, such medications don’t encourage the body’s natural healing abilities.

More and more people, though, becoming aware of their options and going for the natural way to health. Going natural and being healthy has also taken a different view. Fat is considered a bad word and fatteners should be kept out of the sight. Western diet is so conscious of this, being abundant in red meat and processed foods. As such, obesity, cancer, osteoporosis, heart disorders and other degenerative diseases are crippling many Westerners. Asian diet, a high carbohydrate diet with a bit of fat, amazingly affords Asian to stay slim. Exercise, especially walking and more natural foods are the Asian’s open secret.

Natural is increasingly the norm, and joining the ranks of companies providing natural supplements is Roche, with its Nature’s Way products like Royal Jelly, Lecithin Plus E, Evening Primrose and Fat Burners, Royal Jelly which contains amino acids, vitamins (especially Vitamin B-complex), minerals, hormone-like substances, acetyl choline, enzymes, carbohydrates, and fats. The jelly boosts the entire glandular system and the body’s energy production.

This article was written in my journal in the late 90s and as of today many pharmaceutical institutions have manufactured natural supplements, they go natural.

Ronthoughts Journal – Going By Nature’s Way 07/17/97

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Comments (13)

I am impressed by this will discussed and very important topic........well done Sir

I also go with helps and natural supplements..

very well researched and well written

Drug companies in many countries encourage doctors to prescribe drugs, it is big business. People would be smarter to learn how to avoid getting ill in the first place.

Great composition with very valuable info. I strongly believe natural supplements are best.Factoidz is still not sending me emails of my favorites when they publish a new article.Please continue to comment on my articles to make it easier for me to find your great material.Thank you.

Very interesting and helpful information. Voted up!

Ranked #3 in Supplements

Thanks everyone for the read and comments - much appreciation.

Definitely, natural is the way to go for me. Good writing Ron.

Ranked #3 in Supplements

Muchas gracias mi hermana.

This is outstanding work Ron.

Ranked #3 in Supplements

Thanks Martin-appreciated.

Good work...voted!

Ranked #3 in Supplements

Thanks Jessie - appreciated.